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Hi, I’m Rex. I’ve had an amazing leadership journey where I have had the privilege to work with great staff and amazing leaders and middle managers. The Middle Manager Mentor blog will share stories of successes and failures, give advice on how to improve your leadership approach and grow your career.

“Join us to build a worldwide community of brave, passionate, and people-focused middle managers.”

I am energetic and optimistic and have a passion for coaching and developing others. Throughout my journey I have discovered the importance of putting your people first and how this will help you to strategically grow your own career.

As an astute operational leader, I have over 18 years’ experience, leading, developing and engaging teams on the front-line. As a successful business owner, I enhanced my communication and leadership skills to empower and engage my team and customers. I really valued watching individuals grow alongside the success of the business.

As a manager within the private and public sectors I am proud to put my name to developing the first National Work-from-Home team for one of Australia’s largest insurance companies. From an idea to implementation the team achieved more than anyone expected and quickly became a ‘team of choice’ with other staff applying to join. An annual Staff Engagement Survey confirmed that the team were highly engaged in the company and understood how they add value.

Achieving my bachelor’s Degree in Business later in life taught me the value of time and how to make it work for you: not the other way around!

With a passion to help others grow I will share my knowledge and experience to empower new and upcoming leaders, managers and supervisors.

Follow my regular blog posts and join in our community on Facebook where you will find hints, tips and solutions to help you navigate your journey through leading others.




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